Audio Excerpts

Al Campo
Reaching the Beach at Boca Chica
Sunday at Fort Brown
Above songs from Saving Daylight Time New American Songs for voice and piano poems by TenBroeck Davison, James Merrill, & Lloyd Schwartz.
Valerie Anastasio-soprano, Don Wilkinson-baritone, Mark Earley-harmonica, David Patterson-piano.
Troy 345 Albany Records
Hermit’s Blue: A Native American Legend
The Moravian Philharmonic Orchestra
Rubin Silva, conductor
VMM 3032
Strayhorn in Harlem
The Moravian Philharmonic Orchestra
Toshiuki Shimada, conductor
VMM 3047
Cheaper by the Dozen from Cheap Trills
The Moravian Philharmonic Orchestra
Toshiuki Shimada, conductor
VMM 3052
Sky High from Beaver Moon
James Pellerite, Native American flute
John Tafoya, Native American percussion
Wednesday Obbligato
Pamela Ambrose, cello-Timothy McFarland, piano-Jessi Rosinski, flute obbligato
Hermit Thrushes Play Bill Evans
David Patterson, piano


In Memoriam Messiaen
New England Conservatory Wind Ensemble
Charles Peltz , Conductor
Images by TenBroeck Davison
The Hermit Thrush Orchestra Plays Erik Satie
Paintings by Wilfredo Chiesa and video by Tessa Gerling
Austrian Society for Contemporary Music
Andreas Hèrm Baumgartner, Conductor


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